University of Washington
Department of Architecture, Spring 2001

[Computational] Geometry in Islamic Architecture

Instructor: Mamoun Sakkal


Final Projects

For the final term-project each student created a program in FromWriter for modeling an Islamic dome structure.
The structure should include one or more of the following architectural systems:

1. Star ribbed domes
2. Arch-nets
3. Muqarnas domes

Four students in the class chose muqarnas domes, and three chose star ribbed domes.


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6. 7.


1. Yap Mei Yee: Star-ribbed domes in the Great mosque of Cordoba, Cordoba, Spain, 961-976 (not show, will be added later)
2. Matthew Garrett: Ribbed domes in Mosque of Bib Mardun, Toledo, Spain, 999
3. Taehoon Lee: Star-ribbed dome in the Great Mosque of Tlemcen, Tlemcen, Algeria, 12th century (not show, will be added later)
4. Jaime Roberts: Muqanas dome in Geghard Church, Kotayk, Armenia, 1215-1225 (partial view)
5. Lori Kirsis: Muqarnas portal in Sultan Han caravansary, on the Konya-Aksaray road, Turkey, 1229 (partial view)
2. Robert Githaiga: Muarnas dome in Mausoleum of Shaykh Abd al-Samad, Natanz, Iran 14th century (partial view)
4. Matthew Sullivan: Muqarnas mihrab hood in Masjid-i-Shaykh Lutfallah, Isfahan, Iran, 1601-1619 (partial view)


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