University of Washington
Department of Architecture, Spring 2001

[Computational] Geometry in Islamic Architecture

Instructor: Mamoun Sakkal
Guest Lecturer: Prof. Mark D. Gross









Geometry has always been part of the process of designing and constructing buildings. In Islamic architecture, the role of geometry is manifested in numerous ways, several of which will be examined in this course.

We will deal with two-dimensional and three-dimensional uses of symmetry, geometry, pattern, and proportion systems. We will also examine specific architectural features such as the use of muqarnas, star ribbed domes, and surface decorations in Islamic buildings.

Special emphasis will be given to the computational concepts and processes underlying geometric designs. Students will use a new, simplified, graphics programming language, called FormWriter, throughout the course to generate two- and three-dimensional forms algorithmically without needing previous programming experience or having to write complex code.

All images on this website were produced by importing the models created in FormWriter to Infini-D software for final rendering.






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