How to improve computer generated calligraphic designs
Mamoun Sakkal


Arabic Computer Thuluth:

This example was produced using Adobe Photoshop ME software and DecoType Thuluth Arabic font.

The text was first typed on separate layers for the different words, then the layers were rendered to change the type into an editable image.

The necessary changes were then made using the eraser tool and a calligraphic brush tool.

The letters were modified to match the standard calligraphic shapes as seen in various books for teaching calligraphy.

One of the best of these books is Kawaed al Khatt al Arabi by Hashim Muhammed al Khattatt al Baghdadi. It can be purchased from some Islamic bookstores in the US and from

For more books on Arabic calligraphy please see our FAQ page.

If it is difficult for you to modify the letter shapes to match the standard traditional examples, then you should scan traditional examples and use as a template for your work.

Original design in black, revised design in brown

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